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  1. Pueblo Bonito, Chaco Cultural National Historical Park, NM, USA


  2. Pueblo Bonito (Chacoan great house)Chaco culture national park
    Chaco Canyon National Monument
    New Mexico 36deg03 N, 107deg 57 W

  3. Pueblo Bonito ruins, Chaco Canyon, Chaco Culture National Historical Park, New Mexico.

    36 03′ 37″N 105 57′ 42″W

  4. Pueblo Bonita (Anasazi Ruin), Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, USA
    36.0.060604 N, 107.961920

    Found from a hint by my brother: “Hey, that looks like Mesa Verdre” and a few google searches later.

  5. Pueblo Bonito, a pre-Columbian Great House in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, USA.
    Part of the Chaco Culture National Historical Park

  6. Pueblo Bonito in Chaco Culture National Historical Park in northern New Mexico, US

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