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Contest #163 hint

The site I am after is at the crosshairs.

(it is not a town… )

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7 Responses to “Contest #163 hint”

  1. Wow, random! This is Michael Heitzer’s partially completed “City” land art piece. Inspired by native American mound building.
    Coordinate: N38°01.904 W115°26.167
    I was thinking it was a strip mine based on previous clues in this decade.

  2. City (artwork)described by the Wiki tag on topof the image. It is located in Garden Valley, Nevada. Good puzzle. Even after the hint I could’ve sworn it was a deep underground military base.

  3. City.


  4. Civa Airport, Nevada

  5. Civa Airport in Nevada?

  6. Michael Heizer’s City Sculpture, Nevada, USA

  7. Michael Heizer’s City sculpture, Lincoln County, Nevada

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