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Contest #163

November 5th, 2010 Posted by | Uncategorized | 14 comments

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  1. “City” – A piece of earth art by Michael Heizer, located in Lincoln County, Nevada near the town of Rachel. That also might be his house next to it?

    Coords 38.03,-115.436111

  2. Oooh, this was tough.

    Garden Valley, Lincoln County, Nevada, US

    Some 215 km north of Las Vegas, “City, Michael Heizer’s life-long project, is quite possibly the largest piece of contemporary art ever attempted.”

  3. andrew base

  4. Valley of the kings?

  5. “City”
    Michael Heizer
    Garden Valley

  6. Nice puzzle!

    Michael Heizer’s sculpture, City.

    Found it by looking in Nevada… I got lucky thinking this scrub desert looked like Area 51 and happened to go north.

  7. My thoughts are one of the Iraq nuclear or bio weapons sites, somewhere deep in the desert. The terrain is almost, but not quite right for it.

  8. ‘City’ by Michael Heizer, Lincoln County, NV

  9. “City,” a 1972 sculpture by Michael Heizer in Nevada’s Garden Valley.

  10. Groan!

    “City” landscape artwork by Michael Heizer.
    About 130 miles north of Las Vegas, Nevada

    I groan because:
    1- In searching for this, I came across another desert landscape artwork he created (Double Negative) – but I didn’t follow up on this one!…
    2- I scanned New Mexico, Arizona, and Southern California – Nevada was next on my list…
    3- The place isn’t all that far away from where I grew up!…

  11. Michael Heizer’s “City” in Lincoln County Nebraska.

  12. The “structure” is a piece of earth art, located in Nevada at approximately 38N 115.30W. Needed the hint to find it, although I did look in Nevada prior to the hint – just did not see this location!

  13. Michael Heizer’s “City” — the largest sculpture in the world in the desert of Nevada

  14. Civa Airport, about 20 miles northeast of Rachel, Nevada (and not far from Area 51!).

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