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  1. That one I need not have to look for. Unfortunately this disaster site is in my home country, the red mud storage pond of the Ajka Bauxite Works that burst near Kolontar, Hungary. A terrible environmental catastrophe.

  2. The Ajkai Timfoldgyar bauxite tailings dam, between Ajkai and Kolontar, Hungary. The dam broke at the NW corner and flooded Kolontar and Devecser earlier this week.

  3. Ajka, Hungary, sight of the birth of the “toxic sludge” that just reached the Danube.

  4. With four people dead, more than 120 injured, and up to 390 evacuated, Hungarian authorities are fighting to prevent further chaos following the nation’s biggest-ever chemical spill in Ajka.

  5. The alumina plant in Ajka, Hungary, where the walls of the reservoir (the orange patch) recently broke, spilling toxic waste into rivers.

  6. Magyar Aluminium Zrt reservoir of high toxic alcaline red sludges which burst this week, in Hungary near the city of Ajka.

  7. The waste reservoirs of the Ajkai Timfoldgyar Zrt alumina plant in Hungary. Kolontar, the most devastated town, is to the west; Ajka to the east.

  8. The location is the Facility which spilled the toxic sludge next to Kolontar, Hungary

  9. Near the town of Devecser, Hungary – the brown pond is the tailings pond that broke and flooded several communities with toxic tailings.

  10. This is MAL Hungarian Aluminum’s toxic sludge reservoir that burst out and flooded into the village of Kolontar.

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