Contest #148

Nothing to see here, you might think. Unless you zoom in on the centre and this appears:


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  1. Crater lake, Sudan-Egypt border, somewhere about
    22°04’11” N 26°05’05” E
    Sorry, but your first screenshot maybe inaccurate: I halved it vertically and horizontally (exactly) and nothing there.

  2. Maybe I did not exactly halve your screenshot, I finally got the crater lake’s exacts coordinates:
    22°01’06.22 N 26°05’15.58″ E

  3. Kamil crater, southwestern Egypt. “Desert crater” on google news took me right to it, though I did actually locate it @
    22’01’06.07″ 26’05’15.79″

  4. Kamil Crater, Egypt

    just happened to see the article on it today 🙂

  5. Kamil Crater in southwest Egypt.

    At first, I had no idea how to figure this out. Then I googled “desert crater” and found this after a few minutes of looking through the results.

  6. Ok, I don’t know if you’ll accept this, but I really don’t know what exactly you are going for here.

    The location is centered around 22 02 37 N, 26 08 02 E, which is near the Egypt/Sudan/Libya border.

    I found it by looking at impact craters. The area around the “BP Structure” in Libya looked similar, so I looked around and found the artifacts at the bottom.

    Please let me know if you need more than that.

  7. OK, I actually read the Nat Geo article, and I now understand. It is the Kamil Crater.

  8. Kamil crater
    lat, lng = 22.018335, 26.087714
    Located on Egypt side of Egypt/Sudan border
    Looks like Vincenzo de Michele beat us to it! He gets the +!
    “Browsing through google earth satelite images, Vincenzo de Michele, a former curator of the Civico Museo di Storia Naturale in Milan, Italy, first discovered the crater, while Folco published details from the verification trip in February in the 23 July issue of Science.”

    “More than you want to know”:

    It was very easy to find the large area given as a hint, but definitely took me a while to find this crater due to the low contrast. It was almost invisible to me at higher zoom levels. It doesn’t even show up as a cone when looking with 3x terrain exaggeration from an isometric view (another trick I tried which didn’t help at all).

    An excellent clue Karel. By the way, it might be fun to have a WoGMoon or WoGMars at some point 😉

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