Bonus Contest answer: LOFAR, Exloo, The Netherlands

Believe it or not, but you are looking here at the core of the largest radio telescope in the world, the LOFAR telescope in the North Eastern part of the Netherlands.

The LOw Frequency ARray is a multi purpose set of sensors, suitable for astronomical observations, but also for geophysical and agricultural applications. The antennas are located in a wide area in Northern Europe and ‘talking’ to each other by means of a fast glass fibres connection network.


When LOFAR is fully completed there will be an array of 7000 antennas in clusters with a diameter of 100 km and spread out over an area of 1500 km across Europe.


LOFAR will be officially opened on june 12th by HM Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands.

Kudos to Milosh, Serbia and David Kozina for finding this location.