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  1. Olympia, Greece
    Took about 30 minutes. I keyed in on what looked like a hippodrome.

  2. Sanctuary of Olympia, Greece

    When I first saw this yesterday I was thinking somewhere around the Mediterranean area, due to the tree groves (I was assuming olives, but not totally certain), what looked to be some archaeological site, though hard to discern and nothing really standing out, and the area overall appeared somewhat dry.

    Today, I was going to start looking in earnest in Italy and go from there, but then I remembered the ‘theme’ from last weeks contest and on a whim just typed “olympic torch” in the GE search box… and… dagnabit! – NOW I’ve got to wait another 6 days for the next contest! Ah well.

  3. Question: I truly hope I’m not being presumptuous in asking, but if we had some suggestions for new contests, how might we submit them to you for your consideration? Is there some email address where we could send them? I couldn’t see any link on the webpage…. maybe to see who is too presumptuous enough to even ask? 🙂

  4. Ancient Olympia, Greece

    Tricky this time, as it took me a while to guess what recent event had inspired you. Thought you’d already done the olympics. Nice one, though 🙂

  5. Olympia, Greece. Temple of Hera, where the Olympic torch is lit by the rays of the sun. Home of the “ancient” Olympic Games.

  6. You can always put a suggestion in the comments. They are moderated so I will see them first before they get published.
    Or mail me directly: karelgil(at)gmail.com

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