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Contest #123

January 29th, 2010 Posted by | Uncategorized | 27 comments

27 Responses to “Contest #123”

  1. The east side of australia.

  2. North Wales

  3. Iceland?

  4. somewhere in alaska

  5. North Cape, Norway

  6. Nordkapp, the claimed most northerly point in europe.

  7. Iceland

  8. Nord Kapp, Norway – often referred to as the northernmost point in Europe, but in effect, not! Approximately 71 10N.

  9. North Cape (Nordkapp), Magerøya, Finnmark, Norway

  10. Nordkapp (North Cape), Norway.

    Northernmost point in continental Europe.


  11. North Cape (Nordkapp), Norway

  12. nordkapp, norway!


  13. Nordkapp, the northermost point of Norway on Mageroya.

  14. Cape Canaveral, Florida.

  15. uhhh.. i answered this earlier and it was deleted. buuuut anyway, it’s nordkapp, norway.

  16. Nordkapp (North Cape), Norway on the island of Maherøya. It is one of the northernmost places in Europe.

  17. Nordkapp, Norway

  18. Nordkapp Tourist Centre, North of Norway

  19. Nordkapp, Finland.

  20. Sorry, I meant “Nordkapp, Norway” 🙂

  21. Good one….North Cape of Norway

  22. the tip of Argentina

  23. nordkapp

  24. North Cape, Norway It appears to be rather expensive to visit.

  25. North Cape, Norway

  26. Nordkapp, Norway. I figured, hey, maybe it is the northernmost town in Norway and – much to my surprise – Bingo!!

  27. Nordkapp, Norway, a.k.a. North Cape, northern most point in Europe. The large sphere visible is Nordkapphallen.