Contest #121 answer: Port au Prince, Haiti

Of course I could not ignore the disaster that struck Haiti and I thought it would be inappropriate to make this contest particular hard.
It is almost unbelievable what mayhem caused the 7.0 shock in Haiti. Google Earth reacted very quickly and published updated imagery so the whole world can see by itself the damage which had occurred. You can download this kml which will be frequently updated to see it for yourself.


Google Earth published with this kml some high-res imagery (15 cm resolution) and when browsing this imagery, you can see for yourself why the UN called this “the worst disaster the UN has ever confronted”.

Homeless people living in tents and painted ‘SOS’ on the nearby basketball field…


On the Airfield there are US planes with supplies


but the harbour facilities are severely damaged and it will take some serious effort before ships can unload their supplies.


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