29 Replies to “Contest #121”

  1. Were you on the moon when you took it… Oh. I see, you want to know where the picture is?? Is it area 51 or Studio 54. Hmm. I am crap at geography. *scratches head*

  2. Port-au-Prince, Haiti…

    …with a woefully inadequate international airport, and a heavily damaged sea port, according to the reports I’ve heard on NPR.

  3. It’s Port-au-Prince in Haiti, scene of the horrific earthquake. It’s sobering to realize that probably many of the buildings seen in the image have been destroyed with people trapped inside. Let’s hope that the casualty figures turn out to be less than expected and that ways are found to get help where it is needed.

  4. Port au Prince, Haiti.

    I actually guessed what this one would be before I even saw the post.

  5. Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Toussaint L’Ouverture International Airport is at the top of the picture.

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