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  1. Looks to be CERN or very close to it, outside of Geneva on the CH/FR border. Assuming that the map is roughly centered on the LHC.

  2. Franch/Swiss border near Geneva, the location of CERN, where they will make a black hole that will eat the planet. Just kidding, global warming will kill us all, not a black hole 🙂

  3. This is the location of CERN, just north-west of Geneva in Switzerland. The Large Hadron Collider is underground here, though there’s not much to see from above.

  4. North of Geneve, Switzerland. This map is centered near Chevry and Ornex, France.

    (I’m back!)

    How I found it: Focused on the airport, especially the high-speed taxiways – so had to be a major airport. The surrounding properties had a European pattern, definitely not North American. Then I used Google’s Images for airport diagrams, and found one on the second page that included the right runway orientation, nearby roadway that matched.
    Here’s the link to the google image result:

  5. Location of the CERN, at the French-Swiss border. The Airoport at the bottom is Geneve-Cointrin, the main facilities of the CERN are at the bottom left and the scale of this picture is approximately the diameter of the LHC. On the top left are the firts slopes of the Jura mountains.

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