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  1. Royal Gorge Bridge, Cañon City, Colorado, USA.

    Finally got ONE in this set!


  2. This is the bridge over Royal Gorge, Colorado.
    There is a inclined cog railway that goes straight down to the floor of the canyon… and there is a railroad that runs thru the bottom of the canyon.
    There is a sign on the bridge (I have a photo of) that says “no fishing from bridge”…. right next to a sign that says that is 1087′ to the bottom of the canyon…. or something like that.

  3. The Royal Gorge Bridge over the Arkansas River, just west of Cañon City, Colorado.

  4. Royal Gorge Bridge (highest suspension bridge in the world ?) over Arkansas river, CO, US.

  5. Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado. Actually got to go there once and it was pretty cool, albeit scary. The boards were sometimes spaced at least 2 inches apart, so you could see what was under your feet- a whole lot of air! They also have signs all the way across the bridge of states that helped fund the project. My husband and I each took pictures standing in front of our home state’s sign.

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