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Contest #74

January 22nd, 2009 Posted by | Uncategorized | 5 comments

5 Responses to “Contest #74”

  1. Torre Fare, Italy – Easternmost point of the island of Sicily. The closest city is Messina.

    I got this one in 10 minutes. My ideas were that the buildings looked like Europe, perhaps the Mediterranean coast? The canals from the large body of water to the island made me think of Italy. I started looking at smaller islands on the OTHER side of the Adriatic (south of Split, Croatia) and realized they are not populated enough. Then I scanned the east shore of Italy. I skipped to the north shore of Sicily (dumb luck!) and scanned eastward at eye altitude of about 50 km. It was easily seen, the lake and shape of the cape were not hard to identify.


  2. Punta del Faro Sicily with the massive radio tower at the end on the beach

  3. eastern tip of Sicily (Punta Faro), by the stretto di Messina (Messine Strait). The city is is called Torre Faro, and it seems there is a gigantic red and white “il pilone”. I first assumed it was a lighthouse.

  4. Punta Faro, Messina, Sicily, Italy

  5. Torre Faro, Sicily.