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  1. The Varazze Marina, Italy.
    Took me 3.5 mins to scan the Mediterranean coast of France/Italy as I was sure it had to be there somewhere.

  2. The Marina di Varazze, Savona, NW Italy.

    It looked like Riviera to me, I found it by scanning the coast, ~10 minutes. Is there any particular reason why this spot was chosen? There are hundreds of yacht harbours like this along the Riviera, can’t see what makes this one stand out…

  3. Port Varezze along the Italian Riviera

    at first I thought it was Nice or Montecarlo… but just followed up the coast…


  4. This is the port at Varazze, Italy. Beautiful! It was fun to do some “virtual traveling” along the Italian Riviera…

  5. Porto di Varazze

    tough one – maybe an hour or two
    got lucky with a google search on “marina & train station”

  6. This is the Marina di Varraze, just south of Varraze, Italy.

    Was painful to find. I tried looking for east coasts, where there were high enough populations to support rail lines and large buildings. I figured Europe due to the building and architecture, and southern Europe due to the marina. Then is was a slow crawl from Gibraltar eastward until I saw it.

    Took me about 3 hours.

  7. It’s Pan….Marina di Varazze, Italia.

    It took me roughly 10 minutes to scan the Cote Azur and the areas North due to slow internets connection. (Still on vacation).

  8. This is the (apparently brand new) harbour (marina) of Varazze in Italy. Took ~ 15 min, I figured out quickly that it was in Italy or Croatia.

  9. This is the marina in Varazze, Italy. It’s obvious from the highway that this must be in a fairly densely populated area of a developed country and the highly protective breakwater suggests it is on a sea rather than in a bay, which helped eliminate lots of coastline.

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