Contest #53 Answer: Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone NP

This one seemed to be pretty easy. The colors sort of gave it away as a hot spring, and there are only so many springs of this size and color in the world. Grand Prismatic Spring is the largest hot spring in the US and the third largest hot spring in the world.

Also in the image is the Excelsior geyser, which was also accepted as an answer.

Those tho got into hot water this time:

  • Charlie My Boy
  • Karel
  • Lotsofats
  • ej
  • Andy McConnell
  • PK
  • Aaron Predeek
  • RDaneel
  • Lance Finney
  • Pan
  • Kevin L
  • Skip (Austin, TX)
  • David S
  • Brian T
  • Keith M
  • Milosh, Serbia
  • Ewen
  • PeTko