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  1. Governor’s Island, NY.

    I knew it was too big for liberty island, but I was like 95% sure it was one of the other islands around manhattan. Zoomed in right on top of it.

  2. At first, I thought it was Liberty Island, but when I looked it up in Google Earth, it didn’t look like that. Luckily, when I zoomed out a little, I saw Governor’s Island right next door, which turned out to match this contest! 🙂

  3. Governor’s Island, NYC. I thought perhaps it was Liberty Island which hosts the Statue of Liberty, but when I searched it, no match. But I zoomed out a smidge and there it was 🙂 Luck.

  4. This is Governor’s Island, just off the coast of Brooklyn near Manhattan, New York City. I thought I recognised it from previous searches.

  5. Governors Island, New York. Good old Google and “island sports ground aerial”.

  6. This was a tough one – I chased my tail a bit. My first horribly wrong thought was Liberty Island off NYC – it turns out that this place, Governors Island, is only a mile from Liberty!

  7. This is Governor’s Island, between Brooklyn and Manhattan, New York City. The piers on the south bank face Brooklyn.

  8. Governors Island, NY

    Keyed on the star shape fort in NE.
    Definitley western – US due to baseball field in center.
    Lots of water traffic – busy port area?

    Couple google searches later – found a matching image…

  9. Governor’s Island, New York USA

    This one was freaky easy. The star fortress was most likely European designed or inspired. The earth works suggested it wasn’t an older European one. They would have had stone ramparts most likely. I knew there were several such sites on the east coast of the U.S. I tried New York’s harbor first and got lucky I think.

  10. Ok. Took a closer look in google earth and saw the more defined ramparts with stone and brickwork. I think I just got lucky that I didn’t start in Europe.

  11. Governors Island, between Manhattan and Brooklyn. The buildings reminded me of Roosevelt Island so I just checked out what was in the area.

  12. Governors Island, NYC USA. It was my first guess. I’ve been by it many times and the buildings gave it away.

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