Contest #44 Answer: La Sagrada Família, Barcelona, Spain

Ok, I have to confess. I would never have gotten this one. While I’ve seen photos of the cathedral, I didn’t know its name nor did I know what city it was in. On top of that, I was guessing the buildings around it were more Soviet or Eastern Block, so I was thinking Russia or East Germany.

Many of the people who got it right knew that the rounded corners of the buildings were indicative of Spain, or at least that the roof tops were something you’d see in Spain or Italy. I wasn’t even thinking in those terms.

Then again, I was only able to search for an hour before a correct answer came in…

If I had known more about the Sagrada Familia, I’d have known that the cranes were the give away. It has been under construction for about 100 years now and still isn’t complete.

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