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Contest #34

Picture 1.png (by Everything Everywhere)

May 20th, 2008 Posted by | Uncategorized | 13 comments

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  1. Launch Centre 39A at the John F. Kennedy Space Centre near Cape Canaveral, Florida

  2. Launch Conmplex 39-A, Kennedy Space Center.

  3. It is launchpad 39A at the Kennedy Space Centre, Florida.
    The former pad for the Apollo moon missions, now used for the Space Shuttle

  4. Launch Pad 39B, Cape Canaveral

  5. I mean 39A

  6. Launch Pad 39A, Kennedy Space Center…

  7. Kennedy Space Center in Florida, Launch Complex 39A

  8. Space Shuttle Launch Complex 39A, John F. Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida, USA

  9. one of the launch pads at Kennedy Space Center

  10. Cape Canaveral, Florida

  11. Kennedy Space Center, Launch Complex 39A

  12. Hm… Kennedy Space Center, Florida, the launch area just north and east of Broadaxe Creek.

    I’d never bothered to look at that area before, but the large area and central layout made me think of the “street view” of the Center that I’ve seen on TV so often.

  13. It’s the Space Shuttle launch platform in Kennedy Space Center, Florida.

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