Contest #33 Answer

I tried to be cleaver and put the volcano slightly off center so you could see the flow and the city below. I figured that would be a bit of a hint. The correct answer is Mount Vesuvius in Italy, the volcano which destroyed the city Pompeii in 79 AD. This event, like many horrible things in history, occurred on my birthday, which I think says something.

Getting this one right:

  • Peter L
  • Ben Bayer
  • Enrique
  • David S
  • ACG
  • Wendy Ng
  • Karel

For the first time, a few people had incorrect guesses. Make sure you check your answer in Google Earth to see if the images match.

Vesuvius view from Sorrento (by Mor (bcnbits))
Image by Mor

Pompeii Forum Thermae Light Rays (by Philipp Klinger)
Image by Philipp Klinger