14 Replies to “Contest #22”

  1. The World, a man-made archipelago just off Jumeirah Beach in Dubai – approximately 25 13’S 55 10’E

  2. A manmade archipelago off the coast of the UAE, called “The World.” It will resemble a small map of the world.

  3. This is “The World”, an archipelago of man-made islands just off the coast of Dubai. They’re selling for huge amounts of money, to the wealthy. Rumours that Brangelina bought Ethiopia are unfounded. 8) http://www.theworld.ae/

  4. That would be The World, the man-made island formation designed to look like the land masses of Earth, off the coast of Dubai.

  5. It is the island project “the World” off the coast of Dubai (UAE) and is lying in between the two other large arificial land projects in the area: Palm Jumeirah and Palm Jebel Ali. All these project have been constructed by the Dutch Dredging company Van Oord (www.vanoord.com). The construction of “The World” begun in september 2003 and was officially completed on January 10, 2008. There are still some islands for sale: see http://www.theworld.ae

  6. “The World” – artificial islands off the coast of Dubai. Under construction in this shot, it’s more advanced now.

  7. This must be the World Islands in Dubai. To me, Africa is particularly recognizable.

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