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Contest #21

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  1. I’m taking architecture courses, so this is something of a free gift: the Hagia Sophia, Istanbul. (Thanks!)

  2. Hagia Sophia, in Istanbul

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  4. Hagia Sofia in Istanbul, Turkey

  5. Hmm, I retract my previous answer. This is Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, which has four minarets as visible in the contest picture. The Blue Mosque down the street has 6 minarets….

  6. Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey

  7. 41°00’N 28°59’E

    Hagia Sophia in Istanbul

  8. Hagia Sophia, Istanbul.

  9. The Hagia Sophia, Istanbul. The dome on two domes shape is quite distinctive.

  10. The Aya Sophia (Hagia Sophia) Istanbul.
    Former Mosque, now a museum.

  11. Hagia Sofia, Istanbul, Turkey.

  12. blue mosque istanbul

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