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  1. I don’t know what the significance of the spot is, but in the center we have Gold’s Gym Khalda in Amman, Jordan.

  2. Jordan, Amman 31°58’48.00″ N 35°50’24.18″ E
    Christmas at Carrefour City Mall (No 1)
    1-31 Dec: Virtual Bazaar Jordan:
    Local Brands In City Mall for Gaza Support

  3. Mumuso City Mall, and Gold’s Gym
    Al Aayan, Amman, Jordan
    31°58’50.2″N 35°50’22.9″E

  4. Golds Gym? Just kidding, 31°58’47.63″N, 35°50’25.52″E, Amman, Jordan. Found it via the padel courts. though I’m probably last to get it.

  5. Gold’s Gym Khalda, Amman Jordan

    I was completely off. Focussed at first on the padel courts and came to the birthplace of padel: Acapulco Mexico. That’s a very bad site to view on Google Earth right now…

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