Contest #830: three locations related to temperature scales

The theme of this series has been temperature as we have visited hot and cold spots, plus a few locations related to heat or cold.

This series was to find three locations related to the “inventors” of the three main temperature scales:

1. The Uppsala Observatory, established by Anders Celsius in Uppsala, Sweden

2. The house where Daniel Fahrenheit was born, in Gdańsk, Poland

3. Mount Kelvin on the west side of the South Islamd in New Zealand, named after William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin. It’s interesting to note that many peaks in the Paparoa Range are named after scientists.

Before the hint:

  • Phil Ower – all three
  • Paul Voestermans- all three
  • Martin de Bock – all three
  • hhgygy – all three
  • Lighthouse – all three
  • Garfield – all three
  • Angie CF – all three
  • zorro the fox – all three
  • Eloy Cano – all three
  • Graham Hedley – 1 and 2

Thank you to those who liked this contest and took the time to say so. It is appreciated.