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  1. Furnace Creek National Park:
    Airport, Visitor Center, Museum and Resort Campground
    Death Valley, California
    36°27’43.07″ N 116°51’55.44″ W

  2. Furnace Creek Visitor Center and Campground, California, USA.
    36°27’42.54″N 116°51’57.38″W

  3. Furnace Creek, Cal, USA. Abandoned runway transformed to parking space.

  4. Furnace Creek Visitor Center
    Death Valley, California, United States

    36°27’43.1″N 116°51’55.5″W
    36.461973, -116.865412

  5. Furnace Creek California, known for hottest temp in world history, also lowest golf course in world. Furnace Creek Visitor Center and parking lot on right hand side used to be an airport runway.

  6. Furnace Creek Visitor Center, Death Valley National Park, California, U.S.A.

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