11 Replies to “Contest #809”

  1. First Original McDonalds Museum, San Bernardino, USA
    34° 7’31.97″N 117°17’40.38″W

  2. Thank you for choosing my puzzle
    34°07’32.17″ N 117°17’40.37″ W
    First McDonalds Museum, San Bernadino, USA

  3. First Original Mc Donald’s Museum, San Bernardino, CA, United States

  4. First Original McDonald’s Museum in San Bernadino in California in the United States of America

  5. First Original MacDonald’s Museum, San Bernardino, California. Thought they looked like burgers, also interesting Route 66 history.

  6. Andrew, Paul, for some time now, I have wanted to ask you the question: would it not be possible to advance the time of the regular Friday contests by a few hours? The current time here in Europe, and especially with summer time, almost coincides with bedtime. So curious as I am, that always turns into a very late Friday night (or better: early Saturday morning). Now that this appears to be possible with the elimination game, surely it should also be possible with the regular contests? Or am I overlooking something?

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