Contest #802: the Euronews building in Lyon, France

krenek provided us with the location, hint and reveal – thanks!

Euronews headquarters in Lyon, France, at 45.7347° 4.8157°.

Euronews is a television news network that began broadcasting on 01.01.1993 and covers world news on a 24/7 basis. According to Euronews, the multilingual programs are available to 400+ million homes in 160 countries. (For the record, the WOGE #802 creator, when he was travelling the world, can remember he could always watch Euronews, from any hotel anywhere!)

The owners of the company have changed since 1993: It was founded by 10 public European broadcasters, then changed hands several times and is now mainly owned by a Portuguese company, whose owner is close to Viktor Orbán, the Hungarian dictator-to-be (4 public broadcasters have since withdrawn from the capital of the network).

The company Jakob + Macfarlane is the architect of this “green” building, as it is the architect of the orange one (“orange cube”) located on the same quay (to the North. about 500 meters).

Nota bene: The sport network Eurosport had and has no link to Euronews. (Euronews is basically free when Eurosport is a pay television.)

Before the hint:

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