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  1. ODEON ROMANO: Archaelogical Site with the Roman Odeum (Theater) of Nicopolis, Greece, 39°00’40.22″ N 20°43’44.04″ E

  2. 39.010796° 20.729448° (ROMAN ODEUM OF) NIKOPOLIS GREECE

    What about WOGE #800, no special stuff?!

  3. Roman Odeon, Nicopolis (Νικόπολις), capital city of the Roman province of Epirus Vetus, now in modern Greece.

    39° 0’40.16″N

  4. Roman Odeum Of Nicopolis
    Preveza, Greece
    39°00’38.8″N 20°43’46.2″E
    39.010766, 20.729510

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