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  1. World’s Largest Easel,
    Goodland, Kansas, USA
    39°20’16.3″N 101°42’17.3″W
    39.337852, -101.704795

  2. World’s largest easel – giant Van Gogh painting, Goodland, Kansas, USA.
    39.3379, -101.7048
    Another one is in Emerald, Queensland, Australia.

  3. World’s largest easel with a giant Van Gogh Painting,
    Goodland, Kansas, 39°20’16.75″ N 101°42’17.47″ W

  4. A reproduction of Vincent van Gogh’s painting 3 Sunflowers in a Vase in Goodland, Kansas, USA.


  5. Worlds Largest Easel, Goodland KS, USA
    Van Gogh’s Sunflowers
    39.337918, -101.704827

    Bonus points? The others are in

    Altona, Manitoba, Canada
    49.111168, -97.551208


    Emerald, Queensland, Australia
    -23.523438, 148.156438

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