10 Replies to “Contest #793”

  1. Part of the Siegfried Line WWI Military defences, near Aachen, German/Belgian border
    50°41’30.0″N 6°09’33.9″E
    50.691672, 6.159407

  2. Dragon’s teeth of Siegfriedline, Ardennen Westwall,
    Aachen, Germany, 50°41’29.74″ N 6°09’34.29″ E

  3. Anti Tank wall, part of the Siegfriedlinie Ardennen Westwall close to Schmithof in Germany. 50°41’29.47″N, 6° 9’33.75″O

  4. Dragon’s teeth, tank traps, as part of the Siegfried Line (Westwall), near Aachen, Germany
    50°41’30.15″N 6° 9’35.25″E

  5. Concrete Dragons Teeth, remains of Siegfriend Line, near Schmithof, Aaachen, Germany.

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