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  1. 0°21’36.17″S 36°54’2.22″E
    Treetops Lodge, Nyeri, Kenya.
    It was there that Princess Elizabeth learned of the death of her father, King George VI, and officially became the new Queen.

  2. Liz’s Treetops Hotel, Kenya @ -0.360049° 36.900616°

    watch season 1 of the crown, pretty good!

  3. Treetops Hotel, Aberdares National Park, Entrance Gate, Nyeri, Kenya
    0°21’36.17″ S 36°54’02.22″ E
    6th February 1952 – King George VI dies, Elizabeth becomes Queen
    Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip were in the grounds of Sagana Lodge in Nyeri County, during a Commonwealth visit to Kenya, 5th February 1952.
    The following day, during a walk in the grounds on the royal couple’s return to the lodge from the Treetops Hotel, Prince Philip would break the news to Elizabeth that her father, King George VI, had died during the night and that she had acceded to the throne

  4. Treetops, Kenya. The place where a young woman walked up as a princess, and came down as a queen (although she didn’t find out for some time).

    (Also LJ stuffed the RSS feed for ages so I missed a bundle)

  5. Treetops Lodge, Kenya, where Queen Elizabeth stayed when her father King George died in 1952.

  6. Treetops Lodge, Nyeri, Kenya

    0°21’36.8″S 36°54’02.8″E
    -0.360228, 36.900771

    place where Elizabeth II was when she became Queen

  7. spent the last few days deliberately looking everywhere other than Kenya because there have already been several WOGEs there lol

  8. Treetops Lodge, Kenya
    Aberdares National Park Entrance Gate, Nyeri, Kenya
    -0.360078, 36.900582

    Where Queen Elizabeth II was when her father passed away, making her monarch of the United Kingdom.

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