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  1. Princes street Truro, Cornwall, UK.
    Coordinates 50.262764°, -5.050182°.

  2. Truro – It is Cornwall’s county town and only city
    Hall for Cornwall
    ROLEX in Lemon Street
    Lemon Quay
    50°15’44.96″ N 5°02’58.82″ W

  3. Roger Taylor, drummer of the band Queen was born here and they played their first concert in the Truro City Hall.

  4. Hall for Cornwall, Truro, UK.
    50°15′46″N 05°03′02″W
    In 1970 when Freddie Mercury sang with Brian May and Roger Taylor in public for the first time, at what is recognised as Queen’s first concert. The gig was a charity event held at Truro City Hall – now the Hall for Cornwall – organised by Roger’s mother on behalf of the Red Cross.

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