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  1. II. János Pál pápa tér, a square, named after John Paul II., with Erkel Theatre, Budapest, Hungary
    47°29’47.44″N 19° 4’41.84″E

  2. Easy one for me. One of the locations of the 1956 revolution (is that the apropos?), Erkel Theater in Budapest.

  3. 47°29’47.17″N, 19° 4’41.84″E, Budapest, Hungary. Not sure of the story here, but will research on weekend. Good series Paul and Andrew, thank you.

  4. Intrigued by the location, underground is an award winning subway line, the park itself was redesigned in 2013 for multiple urban uses, also has a history of 19th century organized labour and political turmoil well into the 20th. So I remain intrigued…

  5. This may not be it, but compelling story nonetheless: II. Janos Pal Papa Square, formerly Köztársaság Square was the site of protest during the 1956 uprising, in the park near the theater is a monument to Jean Pierre Pedrazzini, a Franco Swiss reporter/photographer who was shot trying to save a child from gunfire during protests. He died in France some time later and is regarded as a hero of the revolution. There have been exhibits of his photos, as well as much covered ceremonies of the 50th anniversary of his death.

  6. Erkel Theater, János Pál Pápa Tér, Budapest, Hungary.
    Coordinates 47.496538°, 19.078302°.

  7. A case of overlooking the obvious, still an interesting tangent I went off on. So – Ferenc Erkel, composer and father of the Hungarian Grand Opera.

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