Contest #672 Hint

You’d think that being a prisoner of war camp would set the infamy bar for this industrial site, but the disaster in the early 60s is what it is really remembered for.

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  1. Drat. Was looking at the wrong one and couldn’t find it.

    got it now.

    Mitsui Miike, 1 Chome-86-3 Miyaharamachi, Omuta, Fukuoka 836-0875, Japan

  2. To WOGE players:
    I’ve been reading some of the player entries from the last month and some comments are extremely disrespectful to Paul and Andrew, one player in particular whose name I won’t mention seems to have completely lost it over a hint being too difficult or cryptic for their liking. Criticizing the cryptic nature or difficulty of a hint is like criticizing a golf course for having too many bunkers, everyone plays by the same rules, and that player needs to apologize if they haven’t already, there’s no excuse for abusive behaviour. As players I think we’ve all been spoiled by the hard work that Paul and Andrew have put in over the last 5.5 years, their extensive research, diligence, fairness and creativity in administering the game has not only stewarded WOGE well, but made it better in my opinion. Im sorry for not noticing the comments in a more timely manner, and I commend Paul Voestermans for speaking up in responses when they were made. Finally, I would urge Paul and Andrew to re-consider giving up their administration of the game, Im sure the vast majority of players feel the same way, but I completely understand their desire to return to playing. Regardless, thank you Paul and Andrew for the many memorable locations and series!

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