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  1. Monument for the New London School Explosion. At least I think that’s where you are referring to. 32°14’21.15″N 94°56’31.10″W
    New London, Texas, USA.

  2. New London, Rusk, Texas
    Historical Marker No 11023 from 1989: New London School Explosion. On March 18, 1937, a massive explosion destroyed the New London Junior-Senior High School, instantly killing an estimated 296 students and teachers

  3. New London School Memorial, Texas, United States, Commemorates explosion of 1937.

  4. West Rusk High School, TX, USA
    New London School explosion 1937
    32°14′21″N 94°56′29″W

  5. West Rusk High school, New London, Texas, USA. Coordinates 32°14’21″N 94°56’31″W .

  6. Location of the New London School Explosion,
    New London, Texas, USA

    32°14’21.2″N 94°56’31.0″W
    32.239214, -94.941939

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