Contest #662 – Jack Daniels Distillery, Lynchburg, Tennessee, USA

Legend has it that Jack Daniels hated his safe. He disliked it because the dial was hard to turn, so he was constantly getting the combination wrong. The apocryphal story is that one day, he got so mad that he kicked it hard enough to break his toe, which in time became gangrenous, and eventually killed him (it is true that he died of Sepsis).

His Tennessee Whiskey (it meets the qualifications to be called “bourbon”, but the company simply chooses not to) is one of the best selling non-beer alcoholic beverage brands in the world. You can find Jack Daniels on store shelves all over the world — just not in Lynchburg or anywhere else in Moore County, Tennessee, because Moore County is a “dry” county. After Prohibition ended in the US, counties in Tennessee remained dry by default. Liquor sales could be authorized by a vote of the people in that county — but the county never had such a vote.

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