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  1. Julius Caesar’s death place. Rome, Italy. 41°53’43.70″N, 12°28’36.47″E

  2. Largo di Torre Argentina, Rome. will explore the literary meaning this weekend. Good series.

  3. Largo di Torre Argentina

    00186 Roma RM
    Archaeological site close to where Julius Caesar was killed, also home to a colony of cats

    41°53’43.12″ N 12°28’37.79″ E

  4. But…. it has to be: The Ides of March, an epistolary novel by Thornton Wilder. lol

  5. Area Sacra del Largo Argentina, Rome, Italy. Coordinates 41.895378°, 12.476819°.

  6. 41° 53′ 43″ N, 12° 28′ 37″ E
    Largo di Torre Argentina
    Pigna, Roma, Italy
    Temple (B) of the Fortune

  7. 41°53’43.2″N 12°28’36.7″E
    41.895321, 12.476846
    Largo di Torre Argentina – Rome, Italy
    Where Julius Caesar was assassinated, and home to a feral cat sanctuary

  8. Would be the assassination of Caesar in Pompey’s theater, and most likely Thornton Wilder’s Ides Of March, archeologists found a marker in 2012 believed to be a memorial to Caesar placed by his son.

  9. Largo di Torre Argentina, Temple B, Rome, Italy
    41°53′43″N 12°28′37″E

  10. Hi there! Not an entry, but just to let you know your RSS feeds haven’t been coming through properly on Livejournal for the past few weeks – a couple came through today which was when I realised.

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