Contest #649: the island of Hirta, St. Kilda, United Kingdom

Beating the end of the island series, this week we visited the island of Hirta, part of St. Kilda in the United Kingdom.

The actual location in the picture shows the World Heritage Site – for cultural and natural reasons.

Recent research indicates that the archipelago has been occupied on and off for over 4000 years. The landscape including houses, large enclosures and cleits – unique drystone storage structures found, in their hundreds, across the islands and stacks within the archipelago – culminates in the surviving remains of the nineteenth and twentieth century cultural landscape of Village Bay.

The St Kilda Wren and St Kilda Fieldmouse live here and are not found anywhere else.

With nearly one million seabirds present at the height of the breeding season, St Kilda supports the largest seabird colony in the north-east Atlantic, its size and diversity of global significance making it a seabird sanctuary without parallel in Europe.

Found before the hint:

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After the hint:

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