Contest #642: St. Paul Island harbour, Alaska

This was a tough contest, as seen by the number of correct responses. Let Paul and I know if it was too tough.

St. Paul Island is one of 4 volcanic islands in the middle of the Bering Sea. The island itself has a land area of 100 square km. There is a small community there with a harbour and the largest crab processing plant in the world (Trident). Highly automated for efficient snow crab production, the operation can butcher, cook, freeze and box more than 500,000 pounds of opilio per day.

There is one church on the island, Sts. Peter and Paul Church, a Russian Orthodox church built in 1907.

Found the island in the ocean:

  • Graham Hedley

After the hint:

  • Paul Voestermans
  • Walter_V_R
  • Martin de Bock
  • hhgygy

2 Replies to “Contest #642: St. Paul Island harbour, Alaska”

  1. This was indeed a tough one.
    Same for me last week.

    There is no fun either if the answer is too obvious.
    I like searching for the answers, but this time it was almost 3 full days for #641 and again for #642.
    And that has an effect on my sleep and blood pressure.

    For this #642 I really like to know what Graham Hedley has seen or which query he used to find it. Maybe he lives on the island?

    Because of the green colors, I mainly searched in the North: Norway, Lofoten, Faroer, …
    Even after I found it with the hint (there are lots of birding sites in the world) I was not able to find pictures of that special breakwater, unless in 1 of 2 pictures on the internet, but that was almost to far to recognize it.

  2. 642 was pretty hard and took a lot of abortive searching. Recognised that the water was kinda arctic in appearance and the green vegetation reminded me of moss on Icelandic lava fields so I spent ages looking at lots of harbours in the Arctic basically. I don’t live there lol.

    Glad I rediscovered this site a few weeks ago after playing obsessively on my old user name lardarz a few years ago though – its great!

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