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  1. I don’t know sure what the subject of this contest is; on the right of the image there is Sankt Sigfrids sjukhus, Växjö, Sweden, and in the center of the image two, what seems to be, apartment buildings. Coordinates 56.868121°, 14.820579°.

  2. Addition: “Växjö has called itself “The Greenest City in Europe” since 2007. It has its foundation in a long history of commitment to environmental issues, and ambitious goals for a green future. It is a vision shared with the citizens and the local companies.” (Wikipedia). The buildings we see in the center of the image are examples of “Future-Proofed Design of Low-Energy Housing’.

  3. 56°52’05.60″ N 14°49’10.18″ E
    Växjö, Sweden – University City
    Emil Lindells Väg
    MIV Industri & Elteknik AB

  4. Teleborgsvägen

    Swedish city builds ‘passive houses’ as part of ambitious CO2 reduction targets

    56°52’05.15″ N 14°49’10.19″ E

  5. 56°52’5.24″N 14°49’10.04″E
    Low energy building I Assume since we are in an ENERGY series, aren’t we ?

  6. I read “Passive housing is catching on across Europe, but Växjö boasts innovative highrise project to help country realise goal of eliminating CO2 emissions by 2050” at 56.867988°N 14.819475°E

  7. I answered 633 Cerro Prieto Geothermal Power Station, Mexico AND I answered the email I recevied from you BUT I am not listed in the verified users list, HOW COME ?

    Woge 634 = Sweden, 56.867986° 14.819476°

  8. Passive Houses in Sweden, in the very nice city where I spent 3 weeks back in 2018.

    Coordinates : +56.868116° +14.818768°

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