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  1. Bleriot Ferry – Ferry terminal
    Kneehill County, AB T0M 0L0

    51°34’23.38″ N 112°53’04.23″ W

  2. This is the Bleriot Ferry is a cable ferry in Alberta, Canada. It links the two sections of the North Dinosaur Trail as it crosses the Red Deer River from Kneehill County on the west, to Starland County on the east (Wikipedia)

  3. Bleriot Ferry on the Red Deer River, about 60 miles NE of Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  4. Bleriot ferry near Drumheller, Alberta, Canada
    (One of) the shortest ferry crossings in the world.
    51°34’22.95″ N 112°53’05.90″ W

    Although this one might be even shorter:
    51°00’22.19″ N 5°45’58.72″ E

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