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  1. 31°05′17″N 91°37′08″W
    Mississippi, Three Rivers Wildlife
    Sidney A. Murray Jr. Hydroelectric Station (Louisiana Hydroelectric)

  2. Old River Control Structure, Louisiana, USA 31° 4’36.85″N 91°35’56.95″W

  3. Wikipedia says: The Old River Control Structure is an edifice built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at the divergence of the Mississippi and Atchafalaya Rivers in order to maintain the water distribution between the two, at 70% and 30%, respectively. This was done in response to the increasing amounts of water flowing from the Mississippi into the Atchafalaya, due to the latter’s shorter and increasingly steeper course to the Gulf of Mexico. The floodgate system was completed in 1963. The complex is located at river mile 315 on the lower Mississippi—315 mi up the river from Head of Passes, where the river’s main stem breaks into three branches that soon flow into the Gulf of Mexico.
    Coordinates: 31.076794°, -91.597799°.

  4. On the Mississippi River, at 31.076249° -91.597482°, islands in the Three Rivers Wildlife Management Area

  5. Ah, it’s the Old River Control Structure (ORCS), in the news because of the high level of the river.

  6. Old River Control Structure
    Mississippi River, just above middle ‘L-shaped corner’ of the State of Louisiana.

  7. Old River Control System, Louisiana, United States. Regulates the flow of water leaving the Mississippi into the Atchafalaya River.

  8. The Old River Control Structure is a floodgate system in a branch of the Mississippi River in central Louisiana.
    31°04’32.08″ N 91°35’23.37″ W

  9. Old River Control Structure, Mississippi River, Louisiana, USA
    31°4’37.04″N 91°35’49.99″W

  10. Old River Control Structure.
    Lat: 31°04’58.4″N
    Lon: 91°36’35.0″W

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