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  1. Northrop X-21
    @ 34.83684, -117.742813
    Edwards AFB, California (CA), US

  2. Calibration target near Edwards AFB
    34°50’11.65″ N 117°44’32.57″ W

  3. Some optical calibration target near Edwards Air Force Base, California, USA, at 34.8367505 -117.7427628…

  4. Northrop X-21A and photo calibration target, Edwards Air Force Base, California, USA


  5. Calibration target of Edwards Airforce Base, Mojave Desert, California, USA. Coordinates 34.836664°, -117.742774°,

  6. Optical Calibration Target R7P4+PV Edwards Air Force Base, California, USA – 34°50’12.6″N 117°44’34.2″W

  7. 34°50’12.89″ N 117°44’34.00″ W
    Calibration target, east of Edwards Air Force Base AFB
    California, USA

  8. Northrop X-21, Edwards AFB, California
    34°50’12.94″N 117°44’34.41″W

  9. One blog described them as “eye-charts for airplanes”. Calibration Target, Edwards Air Force Base, Mojave Desert, California. Don’t know the type of jet, but this one has a bullseye in the white calibration section. Enjoyable location!

  10. Part of Edwards AFB target practice?
    Not sure but here you go.

    Lat: 34.836628°
    Lon: -117.742781°

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