9 Replies to “Contest #602”

  1. Bridge between continents
    Skógarbraut, Iceland

    63°52’05.91″ N 22°40’31.83″ W

  2. Bridge between the continents / Leif the Lucky Bridge, Iceland.
    63°52’5.92″N 22°40’31.55″W

  3. The bridge between the continents America and Europe, or Midlina, on Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland. Coordinates 63.868318°, -22.675264°.

  4. Bridge between Eurasoam and North America tectonic plates, Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland.

  5. “Leif the Lucky” Bridge Between Continents spanning the Álfagjá rift valley, Reykjanesskagi, Iceland (63.8683,-22.6755)

  6. The Bridge Between Continents – Road 425, Iceland
    63°52’5.85″N 22°40’31.73″W

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