Contest #595: the DHL ramp at Anchorage International Airport, Alaska, US

This week, we went north to Alaska and to be more specific, the DHL ramp at the Anchorage International Airport.

The pattern of the 6 planes spots was intriguing and the Flying Boxcar on the right side was left in as an additional aid to help find the location.

The hint referred to the fact that DHL is German-owned and therefore not restricted by US law from flying into North Korea.

Airport from the south:

Found the right airport:

  • Eloy Cano
  • Paul Voestermans
  • Garfield
  • Walter_V_R
  • Phil Ower
  • Martin de Bock
  • Horvath Gy├Ârgy
  • Lighthouse
  • Abcdefg Hijkl

No additional entries after the hint.