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In celebration of Where On Google Earth’s 600th contest since the first one way back on February 12th, 2008, Paul and I would like to offer the players of the game a chance to help us set the weekly challenge.

Comment on this post (comments will remain hidden to all but us) with an image of lat/lon pair. Let us know what might be special about the location you have chosen. Please supply an email address so we can verify the details with you.

We will do our own verification of the location and reserve the right to use or not use a location.

As players, you know the kind of contests you like and now you can help us set contest #600.

Andrew / Paul

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  1. 24 08 56.31 N
    23 11 24.66 E
    eye alt 35716 ft

    A Mars colony? in the Sahara Desert?!
    Probably not a great nor convenient place to visit, but looks cool from above.

  2. My suggestion is Portmeirion, located in North Wales. No need for coordinates, just enter the name. Built by eccentric architect Sir Clough Williams-Ellis between 1925-1975, was intended as an homage to Italian coastal villages, but it’s purpose and meaning remain elusive, also was the set for 60’s cult spy series The Prisoner. Used now as a trust/hotel and tourist destination, the gardens are also amazing. I partly grew up a few miles from Portmeirion, so many happy memories of family outings. You could play on the Prisoner theme for the clue.

  3. 50°15’37.49″ N 4°54’40.98″ E
    Dinant, Belgium: The Charles de Gaulle Saxophone Bridge
    Spanning the river Meuse in Belgium, this charming bridge uses saxophones to pay tribute to each of the European countries within the European Union.
    Why saxophones?
    It was here, in the Belgium city of Dinant, that Adolphe Sax—the inventor of the saxophone—was Born

    By the way: I still love this contest – you do it always very well, it makes so much fun !

  4. Second suggestion, 53° 4’57.48″N, 4° 0’5.61″W, Pen Y Gwryd Hotel, Snowdonia National Park, North Wales. Considered the heart of British mountaineering, and spiritual home of the 1953 Everest expedition. Located in Snowdonia, where all training took place including the oxygen cylinder testing. Tenzing Norgay and Edmond Hillary’s signatures are found on the ceiling along with scores of hanging antique climbing boots, each room a shrine to expeditions all over the world. A link –

  5. 51°40’20.89″ N 4°41’41.38″ W
    Tenby Museum and Art Gallery is the oldest independent museum in Wales
    Tenby (Dinbych-y-pysgod) is a walled seaside town in Pembrokeshire, Wales, with 4 km sandy beach, and the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, the 13th century medieval town walls, including the Five Arches barbican gatehouse

  6. OK my candidate is the Hindu temple Pura Luhur Poten at the foot of the Bromo volcano at 7°56’0.25″ S 112°57’16.02″ E
    This is a location that won me a nice bottle of home-made pálinka (Hungarian brandy) at a Google Earth location finding contest many years ago.
    Best regards and keep up the good work guys
    György Horváth

  7. 46°59’01.03″ N 8°35’04.05″ E
    TSB: Treib-Seelisberg-Bahn (little electrical train), Swiss
    from Treib to Seelisberg 6-8 min, 900 people/hour

  8. 7°30’00.7″N 134°37’27.4″E

    The Palau National Capitol Building –
    Opened in late 2006, the Palau National Capitol in Ngerulmud was largely financed using a Taiwanese loan, under the “checkbook diplomacy” phenomenon between the PRC and ROC that has been especially widespread with the pacific island nations.
    The building has purportedly been suffering from mold infestation due to a faulty ventilation system, not too long after opening.

  9. Image:

    Scott’s Hut –

    77°38’9.82″S – 166°25’2.78″E

    The difficulty in this contest is the fact that the shadows point to the north due to the 24 hour daylight on Antarctica. You would expect the shadows pointing south. Second difficulty is that you’ll have to zoom in to get the image as it is. I guess this would be a good one to split the top of the list.

  10. 51° 33′ 46″ N, 1° 46′ 17″ W
    Swindon, UK, Magic Roundabout
    Traffic flow around the inner circle is anticlockwise, and traffic flows in the usual clockwise manner around the five mini-roundabouts on the outer loop

  11. Here is my suggestion for Woge #600:
    Sin Cowe Island, Vietnam Coordinates 9.884485°, 114.329502°

  12. Sorry, I just found out that this island is part of a reef: #363….

  13. 10°14’02.85″ N 61°37’38.93″ W
    Trinidad – La Brea Pitch Lake
    Fondly called the “Eight Wonder of the World” by villagers is located on Trinidad’s south-western coast, the La Brea Pitch Lake, is still a source of amazement and mystery.
    It is the largest commercial deposit of natural asphalt in the world – one of only three in known existence – and holds approximately 10 million tonnes of asphalt

  14. I hope I’m not too late?

    I would suggest:
    Rujm el-Hiri is an ancient megalithic monument consisting of concentric circles of stone with a tumulus at center. It is located in the Israeli-occupied portion of the Golan Heights, in the middle of a large plateau covered with hundreds of dolmens.

    Made up of more than 42,000 basalt rocks arranged in concentric circles. The establishment of the site, and other nearby ancient settlements, is dated by archaeologists to the Early Bronze Age II period.

    Since excavations have yielded very few material remains, Israeli archeologists theorize that the site was not a defensive position or a residential quarter but most likely a ritual center, possibly linked to the cult of the dead. However, there is no consensus regarding its function, as no similar structure has been found in the Near East.

    Coordinates: 32.908705°N 35.800705°E

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