15 Replies to “Contest #589”

  1. Tourist Wheel in Fremantle, Australia

    Address: 34 Mews Rd, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia

    32° 3’30.33″S 115°44’40.81″E

  2. Hidden in a forest of Norfolk Island pines (araucaria heterophylla), some giant wheel in Fremantle, somewhere in Australia, at -32.0584° 115.7446°!

  3. Ferris Wheel Fremantle Australia
    but more importantly this image also contains the monument to the great Bon Scott

  4. 32°03’30.38″ S 115°44’40.83″ E
    Fremantle Esplanade Ferris Wheel, Freo Park,
    Perth, West Australia

  5. Small Ferris wheel in a park in Fremantle, Australia

    32°03’31.78″ S 115°44’40.77″ E

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