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  1. Are we in Ferris Wheel modus?

    This is the one at Duman Entertainment Centre, Astana.

    51° 8’50.26″N 71°24’52.19″E

  2. The largest Ferris wheel in Kazakhstan is in Ailand entertainment centre in Astana

    51°08’51.50″ N 71°24’53.59″ E

  3. Astana. Not sure what the subject is but one of the pictures says City Circus.

  4. As said, I don’t know the subject but there are many things to be seen. Such as the Ethno-Memorial Complex, the City Circus, the Ferris wheel of Astana Ailand etc…. all available in Kazachstan.

  5. Astana – Ailandas, Ailand Entertainment Center,
    51°08’51.41″ N 71°24’55.38″ E

  6. Ailand Astana Ferris Wheel, next to Atameken Ethno-Memorial-Complex, Kazakhstan
    51° 8’53.37″N 71°24’59.89″E

  7. Astana, Kazachstan. Ferris wheel near Ethno-memorial complex Map of Kazakhstan Atameken.
    Coordinates 51.148134°, 71.416245°

  8. Good series of yours, the second Ferris wheel in a row : after the C@ESAR one I HAD TO find, we are now in Astana, Kazakhstan, @ 51.147308° 71.414492°, correct ?

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