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  1. 13°24’02.38″ N 81°22’17.40″ W
    Two islets north of Isla Santa Catalina, which is North of Providencia, Colombia

  2. Phew, that was tricky!
    The “two ears” are north of Santa Catalina and belong to the archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina, Columbia.
    13°24’3.02″N 81°22’17.40″W

  3. Two small islands half a mile north of Isla Santa Catalina, Providencia, Colombia. They appear as Cayo Basalto in a tourist map, but not sure of their significance. 13°24’02.21″ N 81°22’17.50″ W

  4. Northernmost point in South America : 2 small islands belonging to Santa Catalina in San Andrés y Providencia Department, Colombia, 13.400582° -81.371458°

  5. Seems to be the northernmost point of South America
    Santa Catalina Island north of Providencia Island, Colombia
    at 13°24′03″N 81°22′14″W

  6. The two cays north of Santa Catalina, Colombia (part of “El mar de los siete colores”?)


  7. Though I have not found the significance of these two islands they appear in another tourist map as Cayos Dos Hermanos, or Two Brothers Cay. Appears to be pretty good snorkeling there…

  8. People have already noticed this no doubt, but it’s the northern most part of South America.

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