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  1. Olson House, Cushing, Maine, United States. Location of a painting by Andrew Wyeth – Christina’s World. Pretty certain no other paintings were created here, unlike the last one. Enjoying this series very much.

  2. Masterpiece “Christina’s World” by American painter Andrew Wyeth location in Maine, at 43°58’53.32″N 69°16’9.36″W.

  3. OLSON HOUSE, Cushing, 384 Hathorne Point Road, Knox County, Maine, 43° 58′ 54,1″ N, 69° 16′ 7″ W

  4. Olson House, Cushing, Maine, USA.
    Known from the painting Christina’s World by Andrew Newell Wyeth, 1948.
    Coordinates: 43.981742°, -69.268614°

  5. Olson House, Cushing, Maine, USA
    43°58’52.08″ N 69°16’08.16″ W

    Site of the painting Christina’s World (1948) by American painter Andrew Wyeth

  6. The Olson house in Cushing, Maine, was the setting for Andrew Wyeth’s “Christina’s World”.
    43°58’52.96″N 69°16’11.10″W

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