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  1. Santa Cruz Del Island, Colombia. Crowded inhabitants seem happy – “Life here is calm and delightful,” says Juvenal Julio, a descendant of Islote’s founders. “We don’t have violence, we don’t need police, we all know each other and we enjoy our days.”

  2. Santa Cruz del Islote , Colombia. An artificial island.
    It is probably the world’s most densely populated island.

    9°47’08.88″ N 75°51’31.78″ W

  3. Santa Cruz del Islote, Departamento de Sucre, Colombia
    The most crowded island on Earth. More than 1,200 people inhabit just over one-tenth of a square kilometre
    9°47’08.99″ N 75°51’30.72″ W

  4. Islote De Santa Cruz, Colombia
    Small island best known as the world’s most densely populated island, reachable by ferry.
    9°47′9″N 75°51′33″W

  5. Santa Cruz del Islote

    Santa Cruz Islet or Holy Cross Islet is an artificial island located off the coast of Bolívar Department in Colombia. It is a part of the Archipelago of San Bernardo. Its significant population compared with its small size results in its being one of the most densely populated islands on Earth.

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